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Breast Cancer Awareness...

On my Father's side of the family, Breast Cancer has taken many lives. My Grandmother and two Aunts succumbed to the disease. So after a certain age, I made it my business to ask for Mammograms. Many times my doctors insisted that I didn't need them because I was under 40 at the time. After explaining my family history, there was no question I needed to have annual/bi-annual mammograms beginning at age 30. As women, we tend to forget to take care of ourselves while taking care of everyone else. I remind my girls to always do self checks of their bodies no matter what. Breast Cancer isn't the only worry, but it helps to get familiar with the the nooks and crannies of our bodies. So please, make sure you take the time to get things checked out. Get annual physicals. Do the mandatory testing (heart, colon, skin, breast, brain, eyes etc.). It makes a difference. I'll end with this. On delivery one day, it happened that my customer was actually a neighbor. We lived in the same community, but not on the same street. Someone was sending her a get well gift. When she opened the door to accept the delivery, I received an awesome tip. She said "young lady, make sure you have your breast examined. It will save your life!"

Thank you neighbor and all those who continue to educate, uplift, and encourage as we continue the fight to find a cure for this disease.

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